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Mathew Perry remembers when he was crushing on Jennifer Aniston during Friends.

Mathew Perry remembers when he was crushing on Jennifer Aniston during Friends.
Mathew Perry remembers when he was crushing on Jennifer Aniston during Friends.

In a new interview on ABC News talk about his newly released memoir “Friend, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, Perry tried to shy away from talking about his crush on Jennifer Aniston. During the interview, the questioned turned to his famous character Chandler Bing which he played on Friends, the role cemented his role in the acting industry, the questioned turned to the crush he had on Jennifer Aniston while they were filming friends. Perry said he had met Jennifer before they started filming the show, it was crush at first site, he asked her out but Jennifer turned him down and said it will be better if they just stay as friends thereby putting him firmly in the friend zone, but that didn’t stop him from crushing on her, he said because of his crush on her, he try and get any moment he can with Jennifer on set, and they were to write about what they are grateful for, he wrote about how grateful he was to Jennifer for accommodating his crush and allowing him those little moment together.

Mathew Perry was known as someone that easily have crushes on female co-star, when he was confronted with that, laughing, Perry said when you are on set with actress like Jennifer, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, how can anyone not have a crush on them, he said going to work every day was pretty difficult because he has to go there and pretend as if they are just friend and he doesn’t have crush on them. Perry who have straddle with alcohol addiction for a long time said, he tried very hard not to jeopardize his work in Friends, he didn’t want his addiction to get in the way of him doing his best on set, so he promised himself not to drink or take anything that can fuel his addiction on set. Though, he drinks after filming when he gets back home and he sometimes come back to set still hangover from the drinks he had the previous night. Perry said he loved his character Chandler so much that he knew if he did anything less than his best, he won’t forgive himself ever, and thank God he didn’t, because we would have missed a lot if he wasn’t the one that played the iconic Chandler in the Friends series.

Jennifer Aniston during Friends.

Jennifer Aniston during Friends.

Perry in his new memoir wrote about his time on set, on his crush on Jennifer. He said Jennifer was the first person to face him head on and confront him about his drinking in the dressing room on Friends set.

In his memoir, Perry talked his brief romance with Julia Robert who he met on set when she made a cameo in an episode on Friends, the pair broke up after dating for just 2 months, Perry said he ended the relationship because he felt like he was not and will never be enough for Julia.


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