The Rangers goal song is the song they sing after they score a goal.


No matter what team you support, there’s a song that goes along with their victory celebrations. The Rangers goal song is one of those songs. It’s a beautiful melody that was originally written for use as the theme music for the American hockey team, the Baltimore Blades.

The song has been featured in many different sporting events, and it is now officially the goal song of the Rangers. It’s usually sung after they score a goal, and it has become so popular that it’s even been used in other contexts.

The Best Song For a Justified Theme

There are countless songs that could be used to create a justified theme song, but one of the best options is called “The Battle of New York” by Bruce Springsteen. The song has a patriotic feel to it and is perfect for evoking emotions such as patriotism, determination, and courage. Additionally, the song features piano and strings which create a classic orchestral sound that’s ideal for ringing mobile phones or alarm clocks.


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