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Instructions for iron-on


I’ve wanted to construct a handmade DIY Ghostbusters outfit for thirty years. In order for you to
simply order everything for your own Ghostbusters suit, I’ve taken what I’ve learnt and broken
down all of the pieces.
If this sounds similar, let me know. You haven’t thought seriously about Halloween in years,
much less taken the time to select a proper costume. When you ask some of your friends if they
have any plans for All Hallows’ Eve a week or two before the holiday, everyone seems to agree
that they don’t. Then, come Halloween, you get asked to a party or costume event, as it does
every year, and you have to hurry to put together a tacky cowboy outfit while feeling like the
most ridiculous person there. So that’s all. You’ll be prepared this year. In fact, you’ll be so
organized that you could decide to make preparations before December 31. The nicest thing
about ultimately investing time on it is that you’ll be able to use it as a last-minute service for
future Halloweens.
The Ghostbusters had a significant role in my youth. I wanted to get myself something this year
that I had always wanted as a child. I made the decision to construct a Ghostbusters outfit
entirely out of components from Almost all of the components you require are
available on Amazon, where Prime shipping is free. Several things will need to be purchased
locally. If you’re patient and ready to put in a lot of work, you could finish this outfit in one day
on a weekend.

Ghost busters dress

Costume for Ghostbusters

While the painting (elbow pads, goggles), hot-gluing (hose connector, belt fobs, and gadget) may
all be done concurrently with dying the belt, these instructions are organized by part to make
them easier to find.

 Ghostbusters’ clothing
The Tru-Spec suit matches the tone of the movie and features the right number of pockets, a
rounded collar, and a zipper. To mirror the style of the movies, the khaki jumpsuit should be
worn loosely. I purchased a medium even though most shirts I own are small or medium.
Patches for Ghostbusters
The No Ghost logo and name patches, along with the khaki jumpsuit, are the most recognizable
elements of the Ghostbusters outfit. There is no sewing involved, and they are very simple to
use! Start by taking off the jumpsuit’s included velcro name patch. According to the movie, the
name patch is not placed correctly.

Instructions for iron-on

Many forum users and the patch supplier both advise sewing the patches on rather than ironing.
I decided against doing this because I won’t be wearing it that frequently, but you can always do
it later if you need to. Your iron to its highest setting. A used t-shirt should be placed between
the iron and the patch. For 15 to 20 seconds, push and hold. It is ensured that the adhesive is
adequately affixed to the uniform by heating both the front and rear. Apply the same procedure
to the name patch.

Instructions for iron-onHose & Hose Connector from Ghostbusters
One recognizable feature of the Ghostbusters outfit is the long, draping hose. Without it, the
outfit wouldn’t seem finished since it provides texture and aesthetic depth. Although Dan
Aykroyd has indicated they are catheter tubes in interviews, the films never discuss the purpose
of the hose.
Boots from Ghostbusters
You should be fine if you already own a pair of black combat boots with a combat boot design.
The legs of the flight suit create a billowy appearance by tucking into the tops of the boots.
Simply let the legs fall over if you wish to act in a carefree manner.

It was very difficult to find a slime treatment that wouldn’t damage the uniform. Clear, odorless,
non-toxic, and stain-free lubricant gel is available. The longer it lasts, the more you should
apply, so don’t be scared to really pile it on.
Elbow pads for the Ghostbusters
Whatever method you use to color the elbow pads, they will match the screen exactly since the
elbow pads’ color varies throughout both movies, going from a light gray to a very dark gray.
Utilitarian belt
For the purpose of generating the screen-accurate appearance, the gray belt is just as crucial as
the gray elbow pads and leg hose. We’re utilizing a white cotton web military belt that has been
grayed using RIT fabric dye to make the belt.
Do not be scared by the dyeing procedure; it is quite quick and easy. You may use a bucket or a
washing machine to apply RIT color. I picked the bucket option since I share a laundry room
with other residents of the building, just in case some dye accidentally spilled into the machine
for the subsequent user. Pour 2 cups of salt, the powdered RIT dye, and a pail filled with
extremely hot water (I used an electric kettle for this).

Ghost busters dress

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