The Best Budget-Friendly Thin Watches To Upgrade Your Wrist Game

Casio Watch Collection


Keeping it simple is a bit too overlooked these days, whether within your wardrobe or your
watch collection. Timepieces have evolved to become more visually appealing (and somewhat
cluttered), perhaps to keep up with daring fashion trends. But let’s take a moment to step back.
Don’t ignore the fashion benefits of wearing one of the best thin watches on your wrist. It’s a
smart move to have one of the best bold watches handy at hand when you want to add a
distinctive pop.
What, specifically, qualifies a watch as a “thin watch”? These models have an almost impossiblethin case thickness (often between 6 and 8.5mm), minimum internal and exterior structure,
smaller watch lugs, and an internal watch mechanism that is more streamlined (quartz among
the models seen here). A slim watch is devoid of the bells and whistles seen in dive watches,
which have a robust case and a wide strap to accommodate a water-resistant, ocean-ready

Watch, Bulova Classic Quartz Stainless

Even though the case diameter of the Bulova version of the traditional slim dress watch is
40mm, it is about as timeless as they come (the case thickness measures just 5.6mm). Beyond
that, Bulova adds special details like a grey dial that looks great in contrast to the white and
gold-tone indices. Even the date window has been removed for an incredibly clean appearance.
When paired with black patent leather shoes for the dressiest of occasions, the croc-textured
black leather band is also timeless. Perhaps that’s why Bulova was Frank Sinatra’s preferred
watch brand. It almost seems as though this watch was made to be worn with a black suit.

Seiko Dress Watch in Stainless Steel and Leather

Remember that not all skinny watches must have a completely round dial. Seiko’s interpretation
of the look (with a 6.98mm case height) is retro in form and dial layout, with a dial shape
evoking far more costly “tank watches.” The white dial and black numbers, along with the
alligator-textured black leather strap, make this maybe the best black leather watch you can buy
for the money. The 40mm case diameter assures that, despite its asymmetrical design, it won’t
disappear on your wrist.

Watch in Stainless Steel and Leather

Three-Hand Skagen Signature Minimalist Watch

Skagen describes its design aesthetic as “contemporary, minimalist, and playful”—never a bad
combination for a timepiece. This makes for an eye-catching dial with dot marks between (and
at the top of) the clear numeral lines on the Minimalist Watch, which is properly titled. Although
the round 40mm case diameter is similar to other tiny watches, the contrast between the brown
leather strap and charcoal case is elegant and distinctive. For good measure, this watch has
received five stars in 75% of the more than 1,000 reviews.

Timex Fairfield 41 mm Watch with Leather Strap

Over the past few years, Timex has done a remarkable job of improving the quality and designs
of its products (just look at collabs with the likes of Todd Snyder). A reliable entrée into the
realm of thin watches might be found in the Fairfield Watch, a staple of the Timex range, which
costs just $89 dollars. The silver case and black real leather band are understated and
uncomplicated, but the Indigo light-up watch dial, which is only activated by pressing the crown,
is a distinctively Timex feature. On paper, the case height measures 8.5mm, which is thicker
than some of these other possibilities.

Casio Watch Collection

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Not every slim watch needs to be extremely formal.
Giving yourself alternatives for your watch rotation is a smart idea, and this casual and robust
Casio wristwatch with an easy-to-read display and alarm chronograph capability is one such
timepiece. This casual digital watch is all business at 6mm thick: There are no extravagant
movements or additional bells and whistles. This type of watch is perfect for when you want to
wear one in the most carefree manner imaginable (say, with a breezy cotton pocket tee and
tailored joggers on a lazy weekend morning).

Casio Watch Collection

Black Resin Casio Watch

When it comes to the finest budget watches, Casio virtually has the market cornered, especially
if you’re looking for a subdued wristwatch you can wear in a variety of ways. That is to say, this
really basic black resin watch, which is made of a very lightweight material, is the perfect
timepiece to experiment with adding your own leather strap, for example. It has been a Casio
staple for almost 20 years, and the gold-tone marks standing out against the black dial add a
wonderful touch of visual flair. It’s a watch designed to be used in circumstances when you need
to tell time fast without donning an incredibly pricey wristwatch, just like its other Casio

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