How To Get Through The Honeymoon Period’s End

Brighten the bedroom.


The key is acknowledging that it’s a wonderful thing that no relationship will ever seem brandnew and thrilling. The honeymoon period’s termination may be the largest early challenge for
any relationship since so few people ever see it coming. The excitement you had when your
spouse entered the room begins to wane, and everything simply seems less… thrilling.
It’s difficult to believe that anything like this could ever happen while you’re in a brand-new
relationship, but it actually happens very frequently. This implies that because it comes as a
surprise, many individuals mistakenly believe that their relationship has ended after the
honeymoon stage, mistaking the lack of excitement for the loss of love. And as a result, many
individuals are ending satisfying relationships simply because they have moved on to the next
stage and the dynamics have somewhat altered.

Honeymoon Period

How can you tell when the honeymoon is over?

Typically, the honeymoon phase lasts between six months to a year. You continue to discover
new things about each other and have first experiences in your relationship, which still seems
thrilling and new. However, there comes a time when all of a sudden you’ve accomplished that
together. You feel as though you are an expert on your relationship. You experience the
unimaginable next: boredom. Just a few months ago, that individual seemed so intriguing, but
now they appear daily. They appear to have been there every day for a very long time. Since you
constantly see them, there is no longer a buzz from viewing them. Being bored makes you doubt
your emotions.
You wouldn’t be bored, I’m sure, if your feelings for them were still so powerful. It has to be your
feelings for them since nothing else has changed. Much too much about your current spouse is
known by you. You are aware of their bad sitcom taste and tendency to snore while intoxicated.
Yet the woman who grinned at you at the bar? You are unaware of any of stuff regarding her.
She remains flawless.

The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

Therefore, it’s possible that you’re considering other women (or men), or that you’re just
considering going back to living alone for a bit. In either case, it sounds like you could be
undertaking this for the incorrect motives. Yes, there are many acceptable justifications for
ending a relationship. If she has such poor taste in sitcoms, you could truly be incompatible, or
you might be bored because, well, she’s dull. But how can you distinguish between major issues
and a relationship’s normal course of events?
Think carefully on the issues at hand, for starters. Say, for instance, that you’re bored. Are you
finding the relationship dull, or is she? The former we can manage, but the latter might be a
serious issue. It’s one thing to be bored because you’re spending Friday night watching movies
on the couch with your friends once more, but it’s quite another to be bored because all of her
words make you fall asleep. A soporific is not someone you should date.

Regain control of the honeymoon period
However, if contemplating the situation doesn’t clear up your confusion, it could be time to
engage in some good, ol’-fashioned problem solving. Try a couple of the following relationship
boosters, and if they don’t work, you could have deeper issues.
1. Get some distance (and time)
If you never separate ways, you can never miss each other. This might entail setting out a week
or two to avoid each other’s company or just planning a day or two of “me-time” each week. Just
be cautious how you word this since requesting a little period of time apart might come off as a
2. Engage in another first date
Just like you used to, get dressed up a bit, put some fragrance on, and try to wow each other.
You’ll be reminded of the benefits of making an effort for one another by it.

3. Take up jiu-jitsu (or knitting, cooking, rock climbing, etc.)
In essence, try something novel. Together. It doesn’t really matter what, but you should
probably make sure you both want to do it. The essential thing is that you’re engaging in
activities together that you’ve never done before to serve as a reminder to one another that being
in a committed relationship doesn’t have to mean doing the same thing repeatedly for the rest of
your lives. You can still try new things.
4. Gain perspective
The right way to remind you of what you might be about to give up on is getting an outside
perspective on your relationship. This is especially advantageous if you can turn to a reliable
female friend who might be able to offer you a better understanding of how the relationship
seems to others and how it could appear to your partner.
5. Brighten the bedroom.
Perhaps not surprisingly, the bedroom is one of the finest places to recapture some of that first
thrill. You probably spent the first few months of your relationship trying new things, getting to
know one another’s tastes, and generally experimenting. But now that you are more aware of
your preferences, you have settled into the sexual equivalent of consistently ordering a
pepperoni pizza.

Brighten the bedroom.

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